The ultimate island retreat, Luxury Villas Skiathos is a complex of two individual villas accommodating up to 22 guests. Combining modern architecture with hints of traditional island features peppered throughout, guests will fall in love with the elegance and simplicity of this stunning villa complex. Each villa offers unique interiors, its own distinct style, stunning views, and its private access to the seashore. You will be treated like royalty by the villas in-house team: the chef, the maid, and the butler of the property will ensure that you have exactly what your heart desires around the clock. The staff resides in a separate section of the villa featuring a kitchen where dining is prepared, a separate dining and living area, and two bedrooms for the staff. If youre looking for a luxurious escape with sweeping views across the coastline and the sun-dappled Aegean Sea, the seven-bedroom transitional island-style Daphne Villa carved into the cliffside cape is the place for you. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Skiathos at the elegant Levanta Villa, a seven-bedroom retreat in the tranquil surroundings of Achladies combining sleek modern architecture with views of the endless sky and endless sea. On the grounds of Luxury Villas Skiathos, guests will find parking for more than 8 cars, private pools as well as several lounging areas - ideal for anyone planning on relaxing and leaving the world behind, Greek summer-style. 

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Transfer aeroport - hotel - aeroport; Handling service; Avion Cluj Napoca - Skiathos 2024 Cluj Napoca - Skiathos; Taxa aeroport CLJ; Avion Skiathos - Cluj Napoca 2024 Skiathos - Cluj Napoca; Package discount; Package commission; Rounding; Full payment must be settled on the day of expiry of the free cancellation period.
In case of failure to provide payment as above, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation without any further obligation

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